From Parcels to Pallets – We Deliver for You

This motto encompasses our philosophy of giving you what you need, not trying to sell you what we have!
On Time Delivery specializes in creating routed delivery structures that are created around the needs of the shipper and customer. We evaluate your delivery needs and create routing that delivers to your customers at a frequency and time that best suits your requirements.

One of our shippers requires that each residential customer receive a delivery once every 2 weeks. For this shipper we divide our terminal delivery area into 10 zones, each of which is serviced once every 10 days.

  • An auto parts shipper needs delivery to be made every night to car dealership lock boxes between midnight and 8:00 AM.
  • A nursing home provider needs delivery 2 times a day, morning and evening to each customer.
  • A retail customer demands consistent afternoon delivery 3 times a week to their stores.
  • These cases are “business as usual” for OTD as we structure the routes and deliveries to their needs.

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